>>  Introduction of China National Hardware Association
Authorized by former Ministry of Light Industry and registered in Ministry of Civil Affairs, China National Hardware Association (CNHA) was founded in November 1988 as a legal social economic entity and exclusive hardware manufacture association in China. CNHA consists of the key enterprises in daily-used hardware, tools hardware and building hardware sectors, regional hardware associations and chamber of commerce, scientific research and design, inspection and testing, education and training institutions etc. It’s a trans-regional, trans-department and trans-ownership organization.
CNHA’s aim is to play a linking role between the government and its members under the guidance of State law, decree and policy; to represent demands of members in time; to safeguard the legal right of members and to provide service for the members. At the same time, based upon the development of industry, CNHA carries out state industry policy, promotes the industry innovation, technical progress, industry and product upgrade, advocates ideas of competing and cooperating, creates a good ecological environment industry, gives impetus to the healthy, constant and steady development of industry. There’re eleven branches associations under CNHA as following: Tools Hardware, Building Hardware, Daily-used Hardware, Cooking Utensil, Lock, Gas Appliance, Hood, Stainless Steel products, Kitchen Apparatus, Bathroom & Sanitary, Zippers Branches and one Market Professional Committee.
In 2000, CNHA formally joined the International Federation of Hardware and Housewares Association (IHA) and became one of its members. CNHA held the 49th IHA Congress in Shanghai, China in Oct.2006 successfully, it benefited to lift the position of China’s hardware industry in the world.
Authorized by Standardization Administration Committee of the People’s Republic of China, CNHA has the function of national hardware industry’s standardization admission, the secretariat of National Hardware Standardization Technical Committee is in CNHA.
CNHA was rewarded continuously with the title of “Advanced Association” by former National Economic & Trade Commission in 2002 and 2003. CNHA was rewarded with the title of “National Light Industry Advanced Unit” in 2007.
Not only traditional but also emerging, hardware industry is a technical and labour intensive industry and is a sunrise industry closely linked with people’s work and daily life. The industry includes multitudinous kinds and enterprises. Under the guidance of industry’s structure adjustment and promotion of hardware industry’s reform and development, the industry have improved significantly. The ninety-nine percent of industry is private enterprises, and there’re forty seven hardware industry’s special production bases in China now, which have become the pillar industry of the local economy. The gross output value of hardware industry has reached 1 trillion RMB yuan, medium-sized enterprises are more than 10,000 and the products have exported more than 200 countries and regions. The total export occupies about forty percent of the industry. Each industry has their own leading enterprises, and it has taken great achievement in management, technology, design and brand. The whole industry of hardware are making great effort to realize the change from quantitative expansion to quality improvement and to occupy domestic and oversea markets, so as to make China a powerful hardware country.
CNHA is willing to create good cooperation with hardware associations and manufactures all over the world. We express our warm and sincere invitation to all hardware manufactures and merchants to join our association and to promote the development of our industry and business.
The official information platform of CNHA is the publication named《China Hardware & Kitchen &Bathroom Apparatus》, china hardware website, i.e. zhtwj.com and wechat CNHA_since_1988.
The mainly products’ category of hardware industry:
Daily-used hardware consists of stainless steel cup, multifunctional cutters, dishwashers, hairdressing appliances, knives and scissors, safety cabinets, lighters, needles, etc.
Tools hardware consists of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, files, saws, hammers, axes, measuring tapes, farm and garden implements, car tools, building tools, non-sparking tools, power tools, shovel, emery clothes, papers and belts, etc.
Building hardware consists of nails, cables, wire meshes, valves, cast iron piping-fittings, metal door and window frames with accessories, etc.
Cooking utensil products include each kind of metal vessel can satisfy cooking demand, viz., pot, hollowware, bowl, scoop, box, etc.
Locks include all kinds of door lock, lock of car and ship, padlock, building intercom lock, etc.
Gas appliances include gas water heater, stove, gas oven, gas air conditioner, gas warmer, etc.
Hood includes chimney hood, side hood and island hood.
Kitchen apparatus mainly include household, commercial kitchen installation and hutch ark,etc.
Stainless steel products include stainless steel knives, forks, spoons, etc.
Bathroom & Sanitary products include faucets, shower room, bathroom cabinets,shower,bathtub, sitting toilet,toilet hardware accessories, drainage fittings, etc.
Zippers include metal zippers and nylon zippers, etc.

The list of CNHA the Fithth Council President, Executive President, Deputy Professional President, Deputy President, Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General:

President: Shi Senglan

Executive President: Zhang Dongli

Deputy Professional President:Jin Lixin, Lv Jiying, Liu Runfeng, Meng Fanbo

Deputy President (in no particular order): Yu Xingjiang, Shi Nenghui, Yu Shaoyan, Shen Guoqiang, Mao Zhongqun, Zhang Shuliang, Bi Zhitao, Jiang Tian’en, Hong Jiancheng, Pan Xiaozhen, Qu Jinbo, Lin Guangzhong, Cui Chengyi, Lu Chuqi, Liang Haishan, Kong Linglei, Zhu Jianfeng, Zou Guoying, Su Xianze, Huang Qijun, Li Jingfang, Tan Liuming, Hu Shoubin,Yan Xiangyang, Wang Jianye, Ren Jianhua, Ding Chenghong, Lin Xiaofa, Xu Jianguang, Huang Xinhua, Zhu Juanfeng, Li Jihui, Ji Xunju, Chen Helin, Wang Yupeng, Ying Gaofeng, Xu Chuankai, Hong Jianshen, Weng Hengjian, Pang Xueyuan, Wu Yi, Sun Weiyong, Lv Yongjia, Li Xingwang, Chou Jianping, Ni Yongxing, Wang Yuhui, Zhang Yongjie, Feng Songzhan, Ruan Weiguang, Chen Jianfa, Cai Jilin, Wang Peng, Yang Yansheng, Chen Jiadong, Cai Liyong, Li Xuelu

Secretary-General: Jin Lixin

Deputy Secretary-General: Zhang Hong, Zhao Dongmei, Su Anjian


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