>>  The leaders of China National Hardware Association

The President of CNHA—Mrs. Shi Senglan

We regard Mrs. Shi Senglan as a witness for China hardware industry development. She experienced every change of China hardware industry from nonexistence to existence, from week to strong, and from traditional to modern.
When CNHA was establish in 1988, as the vice secretary General, she started to try her best to work for China hardware industry and Association. From then on, she devoted herself no matter to the improvement of industrial reconstructuring, product classification of ownership division, or to the forbidden of gas water heater’s and promotion of mandadary heater’s, construction of the China International Hardware Show, the <China Hardware and Kitchen Bathroom Apparatus> magazine and official Web. Her dedication sustains more than 20 years. During these years, her position realized the change from the vice secretary general to the standing vice president, meanwhile, she realized the change from listener andparticipant to decision maker. No matter what time, she always persists in innovation and breakthrough and devotes her youth, passion and everything for China hardware industry’s development.



The Executive President of CNHA—Mr. Zhang Dongli

He’s a member of Communist Party of China, with university degree, and a senior economist, who graduated from Peking University in January 1982. He has been the section head of the Education Department of Ministry of Commerce, the director of Education Department of Ministry of Commerce, the secretary of vice president of Council of Light Industry of China, the vice director of Interior decoration industry management office of Council of Light Industry of China, the Vice General Manager of China Decoration Group. He composed and published more than ten articles and research reports, including <an introduction to China commercial adult education>, <The China enterprise reform and the development trends of hardware industry>, and <The strategic thinking about how the daily hardware industry to deal with WTO>, etc. And he has been honored the shock worker of New Long March by the Ministry of Commerce for several times, and now he is the president of China National Hardware Association.
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